Test your Team for COVID-19 and Get Back to Work

  • We offer national coverage
  • Our PCR Tests have an accuracy of 99.9%
  • Our labs have a testing capacity of 50,000 tests a day
  • PCR tests from £49
  • We do workplace covid testing.
  • Tailored Packages to suit your company


Virus & Antibody Testing

We also offer the Antibody Test to find out if your team members have had COVID-19 or if they've had it and developed an immune response.

Accurate Results

99.9% accurate COVID-19 PCR test to detect viral RNA. UKAS & Public Health England accredited

Capacity & Coverage

National coverage available with a capacity of 50,000 tests a day. PCR results available within 24 or 48 hours. Doctor follow-up consultations available

200+ Employees

Large Scale Testing

Best value testing, from £49 per PCR test, for larger businesses looking for bulk testing of 200 or more tests. Perfect for pre return-to-work testing for employees – either in the office or at home – optional addition of antibody test also.

25-200 Employees

Flexible Testing Package

The choice for small to medium sized businesses who want a low cost testing plan, with ready-to-use swab kits to handout to staff in the event of an outbreak, for essential in-person interaction, or for pre return-to-work testing for 25-200 employees. Prices from £80 per PCR test.

How To Get Tested For COVID-19

The simplest and most accurate way to get tested today

Testing Kits

The kits will be ready for distribution to your employees as and when you are ready to use them. The packages include instructions and barcodes for GDPR compliant tracking of individual kits to protect your employees privacy.

When to Test

We recommend that you distribute kits in advance of the return to the office and ask employees to complete and post their swabs within 72 hours of their return to work.

Get Results

001Doctor.uk labs will process the tests within 24 hours and provide the results electronically.

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